<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/15/15/00/46/180724106624.jpg?t=1560814535"><br>3 Bedroom Foothills Yuma AZ Home for Sale. This extra large mobile home has more to see than you would believe! Located on over a quarter acre and nestled in a private fenced and landscaped area off the main roads of 44th St and Sandra Ave. All rooms are extra large with living room and den, and the closet and cupboard space is more than plentiful. This property is ideal as a multi-family unit or as a elder care facility as it is handicap ready. Kitchen is extra large with beautiful oak cabinetry. Master Bath has a garden tub. Contact Denise &quot;Sweet&quot; McGregor for more information about this 3 Bedroom Foothills Yuma AZ Home for Sale.<br>